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I'm Paul Kaplan. I tend to wear a lot of hats. I am a Project Manager at Inventables working on the future of digital fabrication. I graduated last year from the University of Chicago majoring in Physics. I am a web programmer with a special interest in webGL and 3D interaction. I build web tools to bridge the gap between real people and 3D modeling.

Most important thing about me: I build things. Lots of things..



I've got a somewhat extensive background in experimental physics research also. So if you ever meet me at a bar and want to get me riled up, just ask about any of these:

Granular Materials - University of Chicago

I worked for two years with Heinrich Jaeger on "designed aggregates", basically piles of different shaped particles, to find specific force characteristics of jammed granular systems using 3D printing, fast X-Ray imaging and computed tomography.

Particle Astrophysics - Columbia University

I also spent two summers at Columbia on a Dark Matter balloon project, including a month at the Space Sciences Lab at Berkeley fabricating the balloon and detectors.


  • Particle Shape Effects on the Stress Response of Granular Packings (Paper, 2013)
  • Aggregate properties of Platonic solids and beyond - (Poster, 2012)
  • Development of large format Si(Li) detectors for the GAPS dark matter experiment - (2012)